Humanity's disregard for the natural world has reached a crisis level, and a god in the elemental kingdom who resides in the subtler realms of this world is seeking allies in all the realms to prevent catastrophe.

A Scottish Highlands bartender, a San Francisco artist, a shape-shifting god in a magical water realm, and a mystery cult priestess in a mythical world of fire live the ongoing story of humanity's growing ability to both access and destroy the elemental realms. The story is a collaboration with the water and fire beings that appear in these photos and is still unfolding. The work is a sacred marriage of the personal and the mythic: the quest’s purpose in all realms is regeneration and reunion of an inter-dimensional consciousness.

Photography is layered but not manipulated: the beings of river, fire and earth are organically present.


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A shape-shifting god of the water element, Proteus is reaching out to humanity, offering a chance for humans to be more conscious of and connected to his realm. He finds an ally in a sensitive young woman, Carmella, who then must find a way to introduce Proteus to others without imperiling his realm.

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Just back from a spiritual journey through the Southwest, San Francisco based artist Carmella creates a black velvet room in homage to the desert sky. The room opens a portal to other realms, including Proteus', and soon Carmella becomes inundated with visions of humanity’s two potential futures.

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Seraphina is a high priestess of a mystery cult in the fire realm. When she loses her son to toxins resulting from humanity's actions, she embarks on a mythical journey to her realm's Underworld, but her quest is fraught with dangers not just from her own realm but with those from humanity’s destructive choices.

The (Dis)Enchanting River


Sensitized by her desert trip and shamanic art installation, Carmella is haunted by mythic visions of fiery underworlds and elemental beings. Having no framework for her visions and worried for her gravely ill father, Carmella seeks solace and clarity in her parents' home near the Shenandoah River. It is here that Proteus allows Carmella to begin capturing him in various forms, and it is in the presence and guidance of the river and its beings where Carmella realizes that her visions are of a potential but not guaranteed future in which magical and mythical thinking have been integrated with humanity’s capacity for rational thought, engendering consciousness of a multi-dimensional reality: a paradise of attunement with the living Earth.

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The Art Journal


In the near future, Brigid, a descendant of Carmella, discovers the art journals in which Carmella has recorded her rituals and insights related to an unseen world of magic and mystery rites. The journals also contain the straight photos of river and fire beings, proving her discredited ancestor was telling the truth. Facing continued fallout from a campaign to disgrace her family and armed with this documentation, Brigid sets out to contact Proteus and other elemental beings to continue Carmella's work.

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Journey to the Underworld


As Brigid pores over her ancestor's writing and photos, she begins to have visions of Seraphina, a high priestess and healer of the fire realm. Now Brigid must embark on her own quest to the Underworld.

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An Old/New Story


Through some harrowing initiation rites, Brigid begins to piece together an inter-dimensional story written through synchronistic experience and in full collaboration with the beings in other realms. But is the message too late?

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If humanity survives the next step in evolution, it will recognize the reality and rightful place of the elemental kingdoms. Magic will be restored. Myth will reign, and all beings of all realms will become more fully manifest and thrive.

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